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There are many, many business subjects, areas and topics written and discussed in all manner of magazines, articles, papers and in business seminars - by experts, scholars, done-it-for-years managers and self-professed gurus. 
How many times have you paid to attend a half-day seminar on 'marketing your business' or 'improving your cash-flow' or 'motivating your team for excellence' or 'doing business on the internet', and come away with copious notes and great intentions to actually implement what you have been told IS THE ANSWER to your business performance problems.

And how often have you got back to work to find pressing problems or a real panic situation you have to address IMMEDIATELY (or simply, you need to catch up on the work you couldn't do on your "half day at Business Genius P/L" ).

Sound familiar!  This happens frequently to small business owners who are seeking the answers to their business questions or problems.  The problem IS you can't get all, or most, of the answers from ONE SOURCE.



Our Business Information Bulletin service is aimed at providing instant, practical and usable approaches to many of the simple issues faced by small business owners every day.  These short topic, 'question and answer' approaches are NOT designed to be a lecture on a particular business discipline - but they do use common-sense business language and practical methods for approaching and solving business problems.

The idea for each topic is that the question is one which may arise (or already has) in your business.  We then address that question, providing methods and information we would use to solve the same problem.  Somebody else may have a different approach or answer - great, that's their view.  There is never only one way to solve a problem - the objective is to reach a viable solution!  The first idea may not work out exactly right - but if you don't try, you'll never know!

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The functionality to purchase online is currently NOT operational.  The Business Solutions Shop will respond to customer demand in determining the initiation and viability of this service.  Please review our two free topics below and if you wish to register your support or interest for this service, please click here.


The cost per topic will be $25.00 including GST.

Topic List

To access the following two FREE topics, simply click on the topic heading: -

Why so many small businesses fail! - An insight into starting your own business

What are Key Performance Indicators and how do I use them? - Generating and using business ratios

The following is a list of future topics that will be added subject to sufficient customer demand: -

How do I make more sense of my financial reports? - Understanding financial terms and their meaning in business

Why do I keep running short of cash? - Controlling your cash-flow, not the reverse

Why do I need a business plan? - Strategic planning

How can I tell if my advertising is working? - Making the most of your advertising dollar

Why don't more people buy from me? - Understanding consumer behaviour

How do I contact more potential customers? - Using direct selling methods

Why can't I find and keep the right employees? - Employing and keeping the right staff

How can I better control what I spend each month? - Controlling expenses and monitoring your P & L

How do I decide what products to offer and how to price them? - Product/pricing/margin decisions

How can I tell which customers are most important to my business? - Customer purchase history (CRM)

Why do I always run out of my best sellers and have so much 'dud' stock? - Stock control

How can I grow my gross profit margin to generate more money to run the business? - Understanding profit margins

How can I be sure I realise the value of my company when I sell? - Planning to sell the business

How do I ensure my family can afford to buy my business? - Succession planning




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