How to Contact Us

Please note that The Business Solutions Shop currently services customers in the greater Sydney basin only.  Please refer to the Service Coverage map in our Terms and Conditions for more detail.

A Quick Guide to Customer Engagement - click here for a quick reference for visitors to our website regarding decisions to be made prior to becoming clients of The Business Solutions Shop.


Click here if you wish to contact us regarding genuine concerns about your business performance.  Please note that NZ SME customers will be redirected to our Business Doctor located in NZ.

Click here if you wish to contact us regarding issues, problems or feedback regarding our website.

To understand more about the process of engaging The Business Solutions Shop as your partner in your business performance improvement, please see our Term & Conditions of Engagement or check the quick guide at the top of this page.  We respect your privacy.  All information you provide will remain confidential to The Business Solutions Shop.

Please be aware that without providing the required financial performance data from your business operation (which can be done from this web site), The Business Solutions Shop is unlikely to respond fully to your enquiry or request via phone call or fax message.  This contact page (and the links found on it) clearly explain the process for obtaining a professional response from our business experts.