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This product and process is server-based and is designed to allow a specific 'governing body' to assess the commercial performance of a range of businesses and industries within distinct and predetermined business boundaries, e.g. Accountants - all clients | Industry Organisations - all members | Local Bodies - all businesses.

The business performance data is confidentially gathered from those business units within the prescribed and agreed boundaries and is formatted by the system to allow easy comparison between the business units themselves (TBSS091, -092, -093), within the particular business category (newsagents) and between different business categories (newsagents and book shops) and the business types (e.g. retail, manufacturing & services).

The Business Activity Audit reports present business performance information as a consistent range of common and frequently used key financial and operational performance indicators.  This format allows direct and simple comparison of these key indicators across and amongst participating business operations.

The report information output will allow client organisations to identify areas of differing performance within the individual categories, sectors and operations, by business type, location - as well as search for comparative specific performance thresholds, e.g. client companies (or industries) with a gross profit of less/more than XY%.

An important factor underwriting the validity and commercial relevance of the inferences to be drawn from this information is the fact that all information gathered is segmented into discrete financial periods.  This factor is missing from most currently available benchmarking databases. The sample table below illustrates the quality and range of information available from The Business Activity Audit.

BAA clients will need to subscribe to reporting packages offering different levels of access within the BAA database.  Depending on the subscription package selected, BAA clients will be able to select reports which deliver financial year performance comparisons for; (a) only OR (a) & (b) together

  1. their own clients and the business categories/types in which they reside - e.g. hairdressers, newsagents, doctors - e.g. services, retail

  2. consolidated and 'anonymous' business categories from other client information within the database - e.g. all hairdressers - all retail

  3. both the above by location type

BAA report objectives

  • To provide a statistically defined and commercially relevant single-business database which is time-framed by financial year specifically to deliver audited and financially comparative performance information to best-of-industry standard.

  • To provide an on-line search facility that allows selected users to generate specific indicator performance-based reports by business category, type and individual entry selection.

  • To provide a robust and reliable company performance history for 'established client groupings' who represent or manage an industry group, a client group or a geographic precinct, such that the ‘parent body’ is able to use the information to strategically benefit the group’s performance.

Sample BAA report format:

This table shows how the 'Client' can check the financial performance [from the KPIs selected] of its 3 Hairdressing clients for the 2003 financial year, individually and then consolidated as a category within the 'Client' base.  Depending on the scale of the BAA access package purchased (Gold, Silver or Bronze), the 'Client' can then compare the financial performance for 2003 of its own hairdressing segment with that of a number of other ANONYMOUS client category outputs for exactly the same category and financial indicators.  This is repeated for the next two financial years to give a range of data for trending.

There is no current market benchmarking database or reporting product which has this flexibility.

Request for Information - Business Activity Audit

Individuals or organisations requesting more detailed information regarding the features (listed below) of the BAA and database, are requested to supply appropriate information to The Business Solutions Shop: -

  • business benchmarking objectives

  • data input requirements

  • client information security

  • range of reporting options

  • user performance

  • commercial benefits and client impact

  • subscription packages

  • The Business Solutions Shop's strategic objectives

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