Short ITC Questionnaire

Please answer ALL of the questions below and click the "Send" button.  Please note that your response to this questionnaire will provide us with a "minimum" level of information regarding your IT systems and possible problems.  Further information will be necessary prior to any site visit or commencement of work.




  • How many PCs/laptops does your business have


  • Are your computers connected in any way
    e.g. a network


Yes  No

  • How many server(s) does your business have

A server is a stand-alone computer that a number of your staff can connect to and share files and printers on.


  • Which accounting software package does your business use



  • Which of the following software packages does your business use


  Access       Excel       PowerPoint

  Publisher    WORD


  • You would have clear objectives for your business.  Do you feel your IT systems support and help meet those objectives.


Yes  No  Unsure

If no, why not:

  • Do you feel you obtain the best information and performance from your IT systems to manage your operation


Yes  No  Unsure

If no, what do you feel prevents this from happening:

  • Do you feel your IT systems deliver value for money


Yes  No  Unsure

  • Do you have systems in place that allow you to measure your annual IT costs and do you monitor those costs


Yes  No  Unsure

  • Does your system produce meaningful financial performance reports on a regular basis


Yes  No  Unsure

  • Can you identify the common difficulties and challenges you experience with your IT systems (hardware and software) that interrupt your normal business processing


Yes  No  Unsure

If yes, please detail:

  • Who currently looks after or supports your IT systems


  • If there are problems with your IT system, how well do they perform in bringing those systems back to normal operation


General Business Information







Company Name


Street Address







Business Category



Current Annual Revenue



Annual Pre-Tax Profit


Number of Employees



Email Address







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