How to start doing Business with us!

Now that you have happily traveled around our website, trying out our business tools and learning more about business  analysis and planning, you may decide you want The Business Solutions Shop to help you improve your business performance.  This page will briefly explain what you need to do to engage The Business Solutions Shop to address issues or problems from which you feel your business may be suffering.

You need to be aware that we do have a few business rules we abide by BEFORE we agree to take on any client.

The complete detail regarding our Terms & Conditions of Engagement are covered at length, separately.  However, to simplify your decision whether or not to engage us, you need to be aware of the following rules:

  1. We do not give free business advice, comments or consultations on the phone or via email to individuals or companies who are not existing clients.

  2. To initiate contact, you need to provide The Business Solutions Shop with an accurate, three-year Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet report.  If you cannot provide this, the minimum we will consider responding to regarding your current company performance, will be the audited P & L from your last full year of trading! This is simply to enable us to assess your current business performance and provide meaningful commercial feedback to you during your free one-hour pre-engagement meeting with our Business "Doctor".  No information - no engagement!

  3. All client work will require a written document (detailed in section B.2 of our stated Terms & Conditions of Engagement) that outlines areas of concern, current performance, an agreed approach or project plan and a likely or desired outcome for the client.

  4. ALL projects and work will require an advance payment of 25% of the agreed or projected cost of the job.

If you find these terms and conditions of business difficult or unacceptable, we apologise, but The Business Solutions Shop is probably not your best "first port of call".


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