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"Is my business performance as good as it should, or could be?"

"How easily can I tell what level of business performance I am actually achieving, and how can I compare this against similar companies or standards?"

"How easily can I identify which area of my business could be causing my financial results to be unsatisfactory? - e.g.


The Business Solutions Shop offers assistance for small-business owners and managers by providing broad practical, on-site and hands-on business experience. Our commercial experience covers many common and frequent business issues and operating problems.

In every small business there are often hidden problems, issues that you know you must face but there simply isnít time.  When youíre already run off your feet with the everyday concerns of running a business, problems that are often hard to identify or find solutions for, can often go ignored for months, or even years.

If you feel that this has been happening to your business, please contact us and together we can start the process of turning things around.


Business Tools

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P & L Performance Tutor

Six Month P & L Analysis

P&L What-if Scenario Generator

Inventory vs Sales

Margin vs Markup Calculator

Business Target Generator

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Business e-School

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