ITC Self-Assessment Issues Scorecard

It is often too difficult for the business owner to sufficiently evaluate their own IT setup and assess whether help is needed.  The purpose of this simple scorecard is to quickly allow you to determine whether you could benefit from our help.

Please score the following questions: -

1 = No Problem

The IT issue has no affect on business operations

2 = Minor Problem

The IT issue is of little concern and has negligible affect on business operations

3 = Significant Problem

The IT issue is of some concern and has both known AND unknown impact on the business operations

4 = Major Problem

The IT issue is of serious concern, has a harmful impact on the business and needs to be addressed urgently


Score (1 - 4)


My system does not produce reports which I can easily use to make good decisions about my business direction and performance.



I wish I could fix some of the simple problems rather than having to call someone every time something goes wrong.



I wish I could train a staff member to handle some of the simple IT problems.



I have difficulty understanding and using my business/accounting software to generate the reports I want.



There are some very good programs on my PC (e.g. Microsoft Excel) that could help me manage my business much better if I knew how to use them.



I spend so much time running the business that I don't have time to learn about the benefits my system can offer.



I would like to learn more about the basics of the technology that I have.



I wish I could make more effective decisions regarding the technology I adopt for my business.





If your score is over 10 then you could well benefit from a visit by our ITC Specialist!

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We recognise that time is precious.  This shortened format of the full ITC Audit Questionnaire allows you to provide a "bare  minimum" of information to us prior to any engagement.

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For those of you wishing to receive a more detailed appraisal of your IT systems, this full questionnaire allows you to provide us with sufficient detail.

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