Business Performance Products

The following products are offered.  Click on any of the product headings to access further details of each product and what it can do for your business.

Business Performance Health Check (A visit to the "business doctor")

Uses your own financial information to prepare tables and graphs on how your business has performed over the last three years and shows how to forecast and manage future performance.

Information Technology & Communications Audit

A comprehensive review of all hardware, software and communications methods and systems in your business. The result will highlight how all ITC components impact your business processes, information formats, decisions and performance outputs.

Business Activity Audit (BAA) and Database - Analysing performance in 'Established Client Groupings

This revolutionary benchmarking tool will allow Business Solutions Shop clients and subscribers to access relevant and accurate financial performance information across a range of business types, geographical areas and individual financial years.

The business performance data is confidentially gathered from those business units within the prescribed and agreed Client boundaries and is formatted by the BAA system to allow easy comparison between the business units themselves (e.g. TBSS091, TBSS092 etc.), within the particular business category (newsagents) and between different business categories (newsagents and book shops) and the business types (e.g. retail, wholesale, manufacturing & services).

The BAA database will have available a range of pre-programmed business performance reports for downloading. 
Clients will be able to select from a range of 'database access and reporting package' subscription fees based on the increased level of report criteria desired and the size of their database.

The Business Activity Audit reports present business performance information as a consistent range of common and frequently used key financial and operational performance indicators.  This format allows direct and simple comparison of these key indicators across and amongst participating business operations - this product supercedes known existing benchmarking tools.

To obtain a more thorough description and specification of the BAA functionality, database architecture and benchmark reporting options, please click here.

Business Information Bulletins

A range of discussion papers and "tips of the trade" that can be purchased and downloaded.  These articles cover most of the typical issues and general business problems frequently faced by small business operations in any industry.

Try the first two articles for free!  Further articles will be made available once a viable level of demand is established.

Small Business e-School (On-line learning)

This on-line learning capability offers small business owners and managers the direct opportunity to further increase their knowledge about many of the practical issues discussed in Business Information Bulletins. 

The Small Business e-school has been created by The Business Solutions Shop to allow SME operators to select from a range of business topics those that they feel will improve their general business capabilities and commercial skills.

You can select from the topics available, a brief explanation of the topic, why it is a relevant and commercially useful skill for their business, and to test their own ability to increase their personal competence in the subject matter, e.g. understanding financial ratios in business.

Each topic exercise and its separate answer sheet can be purchased and downloaded (try the first topic for free!).  The benefit of e-school is that an individual can choose to learn more about business principles and practices in their own time and at a cost and value that they are able to directly assess with each topic studied.