Business Service Offerings

The following list itemises our range of service offerings for SME businesses.  Services are listed by business category to more easily allow you to identify the service you need for your business improvement.  To access a more detailed explanation of the commercial relevance of each service, please click on the name in the left column. 

NB: These individual business service areas are not distinct and individual products and should NOT be used to estimate a cost of engagement.  In all commercial businesses, many of these areas will overlap and have varying impact across the total business operation.  They are listed individually here because each area requires a slightly different approach and understanding.

To understand more about the process of engaging The Business Solutions Shop as your partner in your business improvement analysis and implementation programme, please read our Terms & Conditions of Engagement.

Financial & Business Analysis and Planning

Financial Analysis & Trend Reporting

Using your own financial information to prepare tables and graphs on how your business has performed over the last three years

Profit & Loss - Financial Dynamics

Determining how all the key revenue, cost and expense items influence your business profitability and cash-flow

Cash-flow Forecasting

Determining how much money your business uses, where and how effectively it is used, and projecting future cash needs

Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Performance Capacity

Linking the financial numbers in these reports to business health, business performance and wealth creation

De-mystifying Financial Numbers & Reports

Shows you just how simple it is to get a clear picture of financial trends and performance ratios generated by your business numbers and figures - click here to see example

Key Performance Indicator Development

Uses the above information and knowledge to create financial performance targets for the future - click here to see example

Industry Benchmarking Comparisons

Compares your business performance to others of the same type and size in your industry

Strategic Business Planning

The holistic approach to the entire business – all areas; all issues – setting the benchmarks for future performance

Commercial Analysis & Advice for Selling your Business

Valuing the business realistically from a buyers perspective - asking the right price


Sales and Marketing Practices

Market research and analysis

Understanding who your customers are, where they are, what they want and how to reach them - Identifying competitor activities and impact

Marketing and advertising effectiveness analysis

Checking to see if your message is right, is cost-effective and if it's getting through to who think it should - and does it influence them?

Marketing and advertising strategy and campaign development

Developing a clear, focused message about your company, its products and services; standing out from your competitors; selecting the right media channel

Brand, positioning and image audits

Understanding and broadcasting who your company is, what it stands for and why customers should bother contacting your business – creating and understanding customer expectations

Trademark and brand establishment and protection

Ensuring the image, reputation and 'offerings' your company has created is benefiting only your business

Customer communications and lead generation campaigns

Targeted sales and marketing initiatives designed to create new business opportunities


Staff / Personnel Management

Personnel management and motivation

Creating the best environment for staff to deliver excellence in customer experience - growing individual performance

Using a Business mentor

It is generally known and accepted that having an external business specialist available to provide commercial insight and practical operational experience when developing business plans allows the development of a more pragmatic and reasoned commercial approach.

Position description, individual suitability and skills assessment

Making sure the right person has the right skills for the job – selecting winners that make a difference to the business

Succession planning – preparing for the day the owner moves on

Ensuring the business delivers an acceptable financial exit position for owners and/or can support an enlarged base of shareholders over future years - managing business family expectations and exit strategies


Business ITC Systems/PC Knowledge (ITC - Information Technology & Communications)

Assessing and purchasing business hardware, software and systems

Making sure the money you spend on your IT purchases actually delivers the information and processes that benefit your business

ITC problem solving

Identifying and solving the myriad of common and frustrating bugs and errors that occur at the wrong time

ITC management

Offering the client the end-to-end "ex-officio" advisory management of your total ITC setup and delivery systems

PC skills and knowledge including spreadsheet analysis and graphing, and mail merging for customer letters

Using the existing software on your PC to analyse financial trends in your business and prepare reports you can use to make commercially sensible decisions; create your own customer communications process

PC business report production

Creating relevant and informative reports for your bank, your accountant, investors and your team to help improve the management communication process and operational performance - creating performance trend tables and graphs

Microsoft Office user training

Teaching users to become proficient in the 4 commonly used Microsoft applications that add value and information depth to any company - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

Network and PC data structure set up

Ensuring that all hardware and software installations and set ups are optimal for your business needs

Web site strategies

Creating a website that becomes an important and distinctive business tool for business information, customer interaction and revenue generation

Web site creation

Evaluating the business benefits and appropriate functions for using the internet to improve company exposure and trading opportunities

Business database design and build

Ensuring that planning and design for a database are related to the business case and that data capture methods, software, storage and reporting facilities are business-performance focused


Business Processes and Practices

Product manufacturing and distribution processes and principles

Understanding ‘cost of sales’ and gross margin in the business mix; understanding product mix and contribution to profit margin; dealing with ‘middlemen’; controlling factory overheads;  product output/supply and distribution bias should reflect market needs and capacity limits

Product development and innovation

A disciplined approach to creating new products that become significant business contributors; ensuring the R & D budget is accountable

Product patent and design protection

Knowing how to protect intellectual property that is crucial to your business performance and future financial success


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