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To provide an online, practical business learning option where small business owners/managers are able to select from a series of individual business practice topics.  These topics are deemed to be of either of general commercial interest to the individual or are seen by the individual as having specific relevance to their business operation.



This learning system is not designed to be a complete course in total business competency, nor is it an attempt or desire to provide any type of recognized certification for the individual.

It is specifically designed and targeted by The Business Solutions Shop to allow the individual small-business owner or manager to be able to up-skill their business knowledge, over a range of practical and relevant subjects ... subjects selected by them as being either necessary and/or helpful to them in improving their knowledge and skill in what they do run a business.

The e-school system is not intended by the authors to be an exhaustive or complete treatise on all commercial problems, issues or principles found in the business world today.

The system is, however, designed to provide ready access to low-cost, commercially relevant and practical solutions to many of the common problems and issues all small businesses faces on a daily basis.  The broad issue addressed here is that small business owners and managers often have nowhere easy to turn to improve their business knowledge and the practical application to their business operation that the new knowledge allows.

The programme is designed to be entirely self-motivating and self-evaluating, and therefore self-assessing as to progress and value.

Purchasing & Downloading

The functionality to purchase online is currently NOT operational.  The Business Solutions Shop will respond to customer demand in determining the viability of this service.  Please review our free topic below and if you wish to register your support or interest for this service, please click here.

Each individual topic and it's associated answer can be separately purchased online and downloaded to the recipient's PC - existing clients will receive a discounted purchase price.  Note that the free topic below is not a download and is available to be printed.

Part one of each topic will cover a description of the subject material and will discuss relevant and common uses and implications of use in business operations. It will also include an exercise for completion, presented as a series of questions either multiple-choice, fill in the appropriate missing word(s) or complete a calculation based in information supplied.

Part two will provide the same exercise with the correct answers supplied.


Each topic exercise will cost $25.00 including GST with its corresponding answer costing $15.00 including GST.

Topic Exercises

Each topic exercise is listed in the left-hand column with it's corresponding answer in the right-hand column.  To access the topic exercise, simply click on it's title or it's corresponding answer. 

We recommend you print a paper copy of each full exercise and it's answer.

* The first exercise and it's answer are FREE and as such can be printed or viewed in your browser window.

Exercise Answer

* Managing operating costs - keeping a regular check on your P & L numbers (This one is free!)

* Managing operating costs (This one is free!)

Recalculating profit targets from Profit and Loss figures - preparing budgets

Recalculating profit targets from Profit and Loss figures

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