Terms and Conditions of Engagement and Web Site Use

As a small business ourselves, The Business Solutions Shop is keen to ensure that all potential clients clearly understand the Terms and Conditions under which we will engage with you to improve your business performance.

It is critical that BOTH parties to a business contract clearly outline and understand their responsibilities and expectations as to the anticipated or desired outcome of any project or initiative undertaken.  Consequently, to avoid misconceptions and/or disappointments in the delivery of outcomes for any client, that may lead to either non-payment for services provided by The Business Solutions Shop or a claim by the client for non-delivery of an expected result, we provide here our Terms and Conditions of Engagement. 

A separate page outlines the Engagement Process and order of project implementation for prospective clients to familiarise themselves with approach and involvement required for success.


  1. The Business Solutions Shop does NOT provide free phone or email consultation to non-clients.

  2. All pre-engagement discussions (including a NO FEE, business performance assessment hour) will require an agreed level of financial performance disclosure prior to an actual meeting.

  3. Pre-engagement procedure includes a company Situation Analysis, a brief post-meeting report, followed by a preliminary business health diagnosis which is designed to highlight and scope the issues the business owner sees as most important to their improved financial performance.

  4. The one-hour NO FEE meeting attracts a initial travel charge depending on client location and is determined by distance traveled for the greater Sydney metropolitan area (bounded by Palm Beach/Richmond/Penrith/Campbelltown/Cronulla).  See our service coverage map below.

  1. An email contact response form is available on this website at "Contact Us".  All relevant information on the form is required, including your account of possible engagement conditions, prior to successfully submitting this form and getting a response from The Business Solutions Shop.

Service Coverage Map

Zone A - $20 to $49

Zone B - $50 to $99

Zone C - $100+



  1. Engagement is deemed NOT to have commenced until the Engagement Terms and Conditions documents are agreed and signed by both parties.

  2. Engagement requires that the following information is included in the Terms and Conditions documents:

    1. A clear written definition of the area(s) of concern as described by the client

    2. An accurate record and assessment of current financial status and performance history

    3. A brief situation analysis covering business systems, current activity and any operational issues

    4. An estimate* for

      1. the specific areas requiring professional assessment and remedy

      2. the time and effort required to analyse and assess the performance of those areas (and others that unknowingly may be impacting them)

      3. the amount likely to be charged, based on (i) & (ii) above, to achieve a position or outcome agreed to by both parties as written in B.1. above

    5. A formal project re-assessment statement, which clearly states under what terms, conditions and developments the ORIGINAL estimate is to be either re-submitted AND agreed, including the new area(s) as specified in item 2(d) above, OR a new and separate engagement document is to be completed by both parties.

*NB: An estimate is NOT a quotation for a specific or guaranteed outcome.  The nature of business is such that during the early phase of any analysis and assessment of potential or possible problems that may be hampering the progress of a business, other issues or hidden problems can and will be uncovered. 

It is for this express reason, and likely development, that The Business Solutions Shop does not give quotations or guarantees for any specific outcome, other than that agreed to in writing between the parties.



As stated in our Terms and Conditions of Engagement, we do not provide quotes to clients for anticipated project outcomes. 

The Business Solutions Shop also does not quote a standard HOURLY fee for any work undertaken.  Project or engagement fees are not calculated on service area or commercial subject - pricing for projects is determined by a professional estimate of the depth of operational need and time required to implement and effect a positive business change.

There may be occasions where an existing client requires a specific and defined exercise to be undertaken. 
In such a case, The Business Solutions Shop may agree to accept the exercise for delivery in a specific time frame and at a specific hourly rate.  The terms for such an exercise will still be agreed to in writing and a pre-payment of at least 25% of the total projected fee will be required prior to commencement.

All estimates for engagement will be discussed only after a frank meeting (either the NO FEE one hour meeting mentioned in A.2, or a specifically requested and time-purchased meeting) with the potential client/business owner.  The terms and conditions for pre-engagement are detailed in A. above.



The Business Solutions Shop does not provide advice or opinion on the statutory legislative issues and/or professional areas concerning financial and legal matters attended to by your accountant or lawyer. 

The Business Solutions Shop offers expertise, advice and engagement on the commercial operational issues and problems concerned with effective management and improving the financial performance of a single business operation.  It is possible that during engagement, we may suggest the client requires an opinion on  professional areas concerning financial and/or legal matters due to such an issue arising during our engagement.  

Our business knowledge and advice comes from extensive experience gained from operational management responsibility and accountability in senior roles in many large companies and commercial industries.



The use of the financial analysis tools and business performance information found on this web site is to be considered to be in accordance with the customary acknowledgement of copyright principles and current legal protection of The Business Solutions Shop copyright status.

Users should also note that all key pages on this web site containing financial tool functionality and business information that has copyright protection has been further protected by encryption software which prevents 'right-click drag-and-copy', 'print page' and 'screen print' capabilities.

Web site users and visitors also need to be aware that there are intellectual property considerations relating to the specific material available on the web site.  All intellectual property on this web site is owned by, and registered to, The Business Solutions Shop.

The specific financial performance and reporting tools, and the software that generates their functionality on the The Business Solutions Shop website, are subject to patent protection.  Identified instances of deliberate plagiarism for commercial gain will be met with the issuing of formal legal notice to the perpetrators.
The business process thus protected by the patenting process is available for licensed use to approved applicants only.


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