Terms and Conditions of Engagement - Process

Business Performance Analysis and Implementation Engagement Process


 Contact information

  • Initial contact will normally be via the website communications system
  • Varying levels of disclosure of diagnostic business performance information is required prior to two way contact
  • A preliminary response is given via email after analysis of business information provided
  • Questions requiring clarification may arise prior to site contact
  • An agenda for the site visit will be prepared
  • A company situation analysis document will be sent to the potential client for completion prior to, or during, the one hour pre-engagement session



 Planning Session Problem definition

  • Clarification of client issues and possible business impacts
  • Re-assessment of available financial performance information
  • Completion of situation analysis
  • Clarification of owners objectives and expectations for business

 Planning Session Solution remedies selected and ranked

  • Primary solutions scoped
  • Task definitions and responsibilities decided
  • Completion of Engagement Terms and Conditions including fees and payment schedule
  • Payment of agreed pre-commencement portion of fee


 Project Activity On-site

 Project Planning session/Activity programme

  • Develop performance indicators and measurement method/frequency
  • Determine timeframes
  • Consider current plans- business/marketing/advertising
  • Allocate tasks
  • Outline staff involvement
  • Plan review meeting
  • Determine project completion point
  • Prepare project report
  • Further advisory involvement determined i.e. monthly monitoring meetings/progress reviews


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